Life Rolls On

What a special event… What a special day! I volunteered my video/photography services this past Saturday for a great cause. The Life Rolls On Foundation partnered with Brooks Rehabilitation to host it’s annual “They Will Surf Again” event hosted in my hometown of Jacksonville Beach Florida.

I hope this video and these photos bring smiles and happiness to all of those who participated in such a wonderful event. I look forward to participating again next year.

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Book Review: “The Buy Side” by Turney Duff

9780385360258_p0_v2_s260x420Just finished “The Buy Side” by Turney Duff. This  inspirational story earned the title of “Amazon’s 2013 Best Book of the Year.”

The true story of Turney Duff, an ordinary kid from Maine who moves to the Big Apple to start a career on Wall Street. Turney meets characters who represent a Wall Street culture of alpha dogs. He begins his career as a sales assistant and quickly learns what life as the new guy really means. He experiences first hand the testosterone filled, trial by fire that is Wall Street.

Turney Duff aspires to be a “buy side” trader.  On Wall Street, buyers are the top dogs. Sellers line up to impress buyers in hopes of profitable future relationships. The lengths some sellers are willing to go to win influence has become legendary.

It doesn’t happen overnight, but eventually Turney achieves his goal of becoming a buyer at Galleon Capital. Though there’s gold at the end of Turney’s rainbow, many new challenges begin to arise and a new more turbulent chapter of his life begins. Eventually, Interoffice politics and ethically questionable practices at Galleon push Turney to make another career move. He leaves Galleon to become the Senior buyer at Argus.

Now Turney has really made the big time. Whether it’s box seats at the World Series, front row tickets at the hottest concerts or court side at the NCAA basketball finals, Turney is living the life most can only dream of. Single and rich with a network of wealthy associates jockeying for his attention, Turney is on top of the world.

Turney’s success and fortune grow but so too does his drinking and drug use. What began as an occasional fix develops into an addiction and what started as a fairy tale soon turns to a nightmare. Turney is his own worst enemy and the cause of his own demise.

After a failed stint in rehab, Turney decides to embrace his journalistic calling and begins writing a new story for himself. A story of sobriety. Writing “The Buy Side,” Turney found a cathartic and creative outlet that helps keep his demons at bay. The candor in which the author holds a mirror up to his past is honest and refreshing. As a reader I felt empathy. I understood that he fell victim, as so many do, to the pitfalls of addiction.

The book is a cleverly written tragedy which ends on an inspirational note. It is a relevant and historical look at the the stock markets’ dynamic nature and those who make their living on Wall Street. From the boom of the early 2000’s to the sub-prime crash of 2006, Turney’s story is one that mirrors the volatile nature of life on Wall Street.

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Shockvertising – The Viral Way to Promote a Product

By now over 35 million people have viewed Devil Baby Attack, the clever two minute viral promotion for 20th Century Fox’s latest horror movie; Devil’s Due. Unsuspecting New Yorkers investigate an unattended baby stroller. Just as they inspect further, Devil Baby lurches at them like a possessed jack-in-the-box.

The video is the latest viral success story by Thinkmodo. This three man digital marketing shop were also responsible for Telekinetic Coffee Shop which debuted in October of 2013 and recorded over 50 million hits.

Thinkmodo certainly did not invent the viral video but they are challenging the notion that a viral video can not be crafted. What makes Thinkmodo’s videos so popular? Their canny ability to use curiosity to pull viewers into a situation and then deliver such absurdity that viewers are left wanting more.

Kudos to Thinkmodo for reaching audiences in a brilliantly clever and unique way.

Telekinetic Coffee Shop

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